Packaging Machines

Unisilikon M-2000 Spray

It is a water white, solvent-free silicone spray. It keeps rubber, plastic and leather surfaces smooth and supple with NSF H1 certification. The silicone spray can be used for demoulding plastics and rubber, preventing welding beads and adhesion of plastics to welding elements.

Klubersynth UH1 14-151

It was especially developed for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry. It shows good anti-wear properties, water resistance and corrosion protection as well as a high ageing and oxidation stability with NSF certified. This special grease lubricates rolling and sliding bearings, lifting cylinders, joints, guide bars, cams, etc. Temperature range: -45°C to 120°C

Paraliq GTE 703

It’s a synthetic lubricating grease for valves & fittings with EPDM seals while this grease can also be applied in rolling bearing subject to low loads with NSF H1 certification. Temperature range: -50°C to 150°C