Electric Motors

Staburags NBU 12 MF

It is applicable on high load bearings for example joints, spline shafts, coupling as well as pumps and electric motors. Contains special solid lubricants based on MoS2 which improve emergency lubrication properties under high temperatures or loads. Temperature range: -15°C to 130°C

Petamo GHY 133N

It is a high-performance lubricating grease for rolling bearings subject to high temperatures. Especially applied to rolling bearings in electric motors, fan heaters, dyeing installations, and textile machines. Temperature range: -40°C to 160°C

Asonic GHY 72

It is particularly beneficial for the long-term lubrication of parts exposed to wide service temperature range. Especially for ball bearings in electric motors, generators. Exclusively recommended on Jen Bacher generators. Temperature range: -40°C to 180°C

Kluberquiet BQ 72-72

It is highly suitable for bearings where long service life is required in combination with especially low-noise operation. Such applications include rolling bearings in electric motors, fans, air conditioners, generators and belt tighteners in cars, electric household appliances and office equipment. Temperature range: -45°C to 180°C