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The Textile Sector is the largest Industry in Pakistan, which includes Spinning, Weaving, Sizing, Dyeing and Finishing.

Our Principals have a variety of products catering to the needs of this industy. We list below some of them:

Premium Fluid Speical/Hotemp Plus
High Temperature Chain Oil for Stentors, Dryers and Heat-setting machines
Staburags N12MF
High Temperature Grease for Roller Bearings of Motors and Dryer Fans
Barrierta L55/2
High Temperature Long-term Grease for Conveyor Chain Links of Monforts and Brunkner Stentors
Staburags NBU8EP
Motor Bearing Grease for High-speed and Heavy duty Motors in Ring Frames
Unisilikon L50/2
High Temperature Water, Steam and Peroxide Resistant Grease for Bearings in Steamers
Molybkombin UMF T4 Spray
Molybdenum Disulfide based Spray for Width Adjustment Spindles of Stenters.
Staburags NBU12
Water, Steam and Media Resistant Grease for Heavy loaded Bearings in Drying Cylinders, Calender Rollers and Festoon Steamers
Syntheso D220/D460
Bearing Oil for Calenders and Dryers
Isoflex LDS 18 Special A/NBU 15
Lubricant for High speed Rotor Bearings, Opening Rollers and Twin Disc Bearings in Open End Spinning Machine.


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